March 19, 2017

Why Rock hound?

Utah Gemstone Jewelers

Other than to hunt for rocks?

Because it’s peaceful.  Especially in early spring and late fall.

As I was walking along the wash I could hear the watchman for the flock of Pine Jays.  Watching for a fee wines full of nuts, a campsite left unattended or to figure out where everyone else went.  They roam hundreds of miles in this Juniper/Pine forest of the desert.

Utah Gemstone Jewelers


The last snow still clings to the hillsides 9000 feet and higher.  Its slow melt will assure humanity of summer drinking water.  It always amazes me that the state with the least amount of water still promotes lawns.


The trees look fresh and green after heavy spring rains.  And the agate chips have been washed free for tumbling or cabbing.  The afternoon winds are starting to stir and the rustle of the trees is a song of nature.  The feather-like clouds tell the whole story.Utah Gemstone Jewelers

Some of the Juniper are covered in Blue Berries.  The packrats will devour them and spit out the seeds.  Left to dry and drilled they make lovely “cedar berry beads” for jewelry and other adornments, if you can get them from the packrats.

Why rock hound?  Because we can.