February 14, 2017

Valentine’s Day 2017

Spontaneous – open – honest – receptive – kind – compassionate – those are today’s words.

With your loved ones all around you, it’s a day to look at our insecurities and move beyond them.  That’s not always easy, but I’m proud of my 93-yr. old mother who is fearful of moving to a boarding care facility next month in her last stages of cancer.

We talk every day and give and get verbal hugs.  It’s hard to do this from 9 hrs. away, but I’m luckier than many – we have agreed to most every change that has occurred since this adventure began 18 months ago when she fell and broke her shoulder.

When I make my bead-woven treasures I think of her.  I taught her to create counted cross stitch pieces and have two of her best.  I’ll bring the third home next month when we empty her apartment and move her to an assisted nursing facility they call boarding care –  A private home with full time nursing services.  She’s on enough morphine now that she forgets to take her meds and pay her bills.  It’s time.Utah Gemstone Jewelers

So, I post this bead woven bracelet I did for a custom order in her honor.  Because flowers are for the living and having bling on her arm was always welcome.  Celebrate with your loved ones today – in whatever way you can.  Life is too short to promise to do it tomorrow.  Be Spontaneous.