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January 4, 2017

Utah Gemstones and Birthstones –

Birthstone –

a gemstone associated with the month of a person’s birth.  That’s the simple definition, but it’s not that simple anymore.  There are several different lists of monthly gemstones.  Then there is a daily list according to what day, not date, you were born and there’s the list of gemstones based on your sign of the zodiac, all can be different.

And the list of monthly stones has changed over time.  Now there can be 3-4 different stones for each month.  And not all are gemstones.  Amber is a fossil resin and technically not a gemstone.  Pearl is an organic product produced either salt-water or fresh-water and is also created from glass.

Over the years we’ve tried to provide the traditional list of birthstones and that’s what we’ve done on our website.  And those are the stones we feature, some found in Utah and some not.  In addition, we’ve created Monthly Birthstone cards that include the Gregorian Calendar Poem associated with that month.  Sign up for our newsletter and we’ll send you the card for your birth month.

Utah Turquoise Birthstone
Utah Rough Turquoise

The other variances you’ll find when exploring the many resources on stones can be the meaning/influence/energy of the stone can change from author to author.  We’ve found if you take the traditional list with the traditional energies you’ll be able to give someone their birthstone and card without starting a giant debate or finding they want to return the adornment because they think it’s not for them.

Among the stones on our list, only Amethyst, Turquoise, Garnet, Agate, and Topaz are found in Utah.  There is a lesser quality Opal available, but not Fire Opals. Over the next thirty days we’ll explore Utah and share where you can find these gems to cut your own stones.

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