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April 22, 2015

Unique, Handcrafted, Artisan Jewelry

Utah Gemstone Jewelers - unique handcrafted jewelry
Tracy’s Cabochon w/ ┬áJana’s Beadwork

It’s taken us 16 years together to figure out #What We Want To Do When We Grow Up. We want to spend the majority of our time together doing a variety of things – exploring new places, creating unique one-of-a-kind jewelry, bead weaving, twining baskets, and rock hunting – all under a new name.

To that end, we joined the Southern Utah Rock Club based in Cedar City (our eventual new home) and Tracy has been learning from their many members that hunt, slab, shape cabochons and do finished jewelry. In addition, he has built his own rock working equipment (at least the first of three grinders and polishers) and is busy making cabochons from sandstone, chert, serpentine, rhyolite, agate, and jasper. All have copper findings and backings and he’ll specialize in Sandstone with Copper. In addition, he’ll create a number of special copper only pieces.

Jana will continue to create bead-woven chains for Tracy’s Pendants and a series of bracelets with crystal accents. Her bead-weaving will include framed quilt squares and Christmas decor.

HerPurchase Now Box miniature twined baskets are always popular and she’ll continue to offer them in three styles – plain waxed linen, bead banded, and bead covered. This summer she’ll make a batch of reed with hand-peeled cypress bark bands. She’ll be demonstrating basket weaving at the November show in Sandy, Utah.

Over the course of the next year you’ll receive information on where to find their blog posts, merchandise, Festival schedule, updates, tweets, and emails. In the meantime, they hope you’ll bookmark their new site and visit often.

Questions? Log into https://www.utahgemstonejewelers.com and leave a comment.