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Last updated on August 7, 2020


Visiting Tracy Hassett’s Utah Gemstone Jewelers booth you will enter a world of hand crafted one of a kind jewelry. Tracy specializes in Utah sandstone, petrified wood, dinosaur bone and gemstones from around the world mounted in copper settings.


Tracy has been making and selling jewelry since 2014, re-igniting a lifelong career in hand craft and art that began with 30 years of wood turning and extended through 10 years of fine art photography.


His third adventure is the creation of jewelry that reflects the rugged nature of the Mountain West and harks back to high school craft class where he created rings and enameled boxes. The process begins with the search for and selection of appropriate rough stone to cut and polish for pendants, earrings, broaches and scarf slides. A copper setting is then hand formed and textured to compliment the stone and best reflect the rugged nature of Southern Utah’s dramatic canyons, layers and geologic formations that shaped Early American history in this land he loves so much.


You are welcome to watch Tracy demonstrate shaping and polishing of gemstones into cabochons at the booth and each finished jewelry piece comes with a card giving the buyer information about the stone and where it came from. You can find his work @