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Buying Valentine’s Jewelry? A few ideas.

Valentine’s day traditions date back to 269 A.D., it is a time to exchange notes, flowers, and chocolates.  For some, it is a time to give jewelry, and not just diamonds. Giving jewelry does not have to break the bank,… Continue Reading →

Southern Utah Rock Club

What a treat!  35+ cars paraded 5 miles up the road to Summit and Alpine gems.  Who would have guessed that quiet ranch just up the road was home to a veritable treasure trove of snowflake and mahogany obsidian, Agate,… Continue Reading →

#Enough Rock? Try Gemfield Chalcedony

There’s a marvelous location 2.4 miles north of Goldfield, Nevada where a private claim is open for paid rock collecting.  Known as “Gemfield” the original owners described Gemfield as “probably the largest mass of colored gemstone quality chalcedony in the… Continue Reading →

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