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May 18, 2016

Beaded Story – Custom Jewelry Designs

With my Kaw Indian heritage I’ve long been attracted to Indian Designs.  I discovered the Navajo Wedding Basket Design in 2003 when I sat with women from 11 Western Tribes and learned to twine and bead. 20160518_090910.jpg

The design center represents the beginning of life.  The step designs (whether up/out or down/in represent the clouds or mountains.  Each beader chooses the story she wants to tell.  Some of the steps are wider than others.  They represent greater challenges in the life of the wearer.

The main feature of the story is the pathway of life from the center to the outside.  It represents the journey we all take from birth to death.  Some interpretations of the pathway also include having a way for the evil spirits in our lives to escape.

Traditional colors are white, red and black.  I’ve created these in a number of colors and I’m happy to create one for you in whatever color beads match your story. Custom Jewelry Designs are a challenge and fun to create.