August 21, 2016

Southern Utah Rock Club

What a treat!  35+ cars paraded 5 miles up the road to Summit and Alpine gems.  Who would have guessed that quiet ranch just up the road was home to a veritable treasure trove of snowflake and mahogany obsidian, Agate, Jasper and Alabaster.

Rock Tour
Southern Utah Rock Club


Not just white alabaster, over a dozen colors just reflecting the sun’s rays and inviting all to  pick them up and take them home.

Alpine Gems Alabaster
Peach Alabaster Rough

Yard rock, specimens, jewelry, cutting material and just plain treasure to carve.  They sell and ship their rock all around the world.  We paid for the larger pieces and the balance was a benefit of being a rock club member.

One of our members has been helping them out and forged a great friendship with the owners.  They, in turn, agreed to allow the club members to come onto their property, and hunt for rock in the many piles of float that surround the main barn.  Even with my limited hiking ability I was able to enjoy the piles of alabaster, snowflake obsidian and some agate.

Alpine Gems Snowflake Obsidian I picked up several pieces for club members that had planned on attending but had to cancel at the last minute.  A medium sized nugget of snowflake obsidian and a healthy sized chip of peach alabaster awaits them at the picnic in September.

If you’d like to know more about Alpine Gems, visit their website.

On behalf of Southern Utah Rock Club,  thanks for having us.