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November 8, 2016

Southern Utah Rock Club or Click?

Rock, Gem and Mineral Club

I’ve been a member of the Cedar City Arts Council for two years now.  In all that time, I’ve never received a newsletter, email, invite to join their Facebook page or anything else.  We attended their Fall social last evening and were disappointed in the “social” aspect of the event.

We arrived about 7:15 PM to find the program had started, most folks were sitting/standing listening and eating.  There was no table to “check in” that we were there, there were no nametags, and if there was a handout it was nowhere to be found.

This got me to thinking about our Rock and Gem Club.  Are we the same?  Have we become such a click of “insiders” that we have failed in the “social” column?  Do we have a “check-in” table?  Sort of, the Treasurer and Membership Coordinator are always at the back table to help folks.  Okay, not bad.

Do we have nametags? No.  We started to do them on write-on sticky tags, but that went by the wayside.  Do we have badge nametags that could be used every meeting?  We talked about it but never did anything.  Should we pursue that topic?

Do we have handouts at the meetings?  Generally, not.  Should the newsletter be there to share with guests?  Probably. Should we have a little survey about some of the issues the board is working on?  I think so.

Just thoughts that the Arts Council group prompted.  There’s always more to a group than what meets the eye.  But it served as a great reminder how people like to be treated and our approach at SURC.