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January 5, 2017

So Many Rocks – So Little Time

I sometimes find it hard to believe there are as many dedicated rock hounds as we have in our Rock Club.  Our monthly meeting tonight was full of information all provided by members.  From wire-wrapping to where to go get rocks, 50+ members listened attentively for over two hours to the various reports and information.

One member gave a detailed report on 14 different places to go in Utah for collecting rocks.  Some we have been to and others we’ve only heard about.  We went looking for Iron Springs Iron Crystals before and were way off to Jones’ according to the nice map he drew us.  We’ll have to wait until after the ground dries out before we go again.wonderstone3 lg

He gave us directions to locations we’ve heard about but had never been to.  We’ll add those to the “wish list” for fall of 2017.  And about half of his list we’ve been to before, but he gave us new ideas as to where to go and what to watch for.

There was a segment on USGS maps – where to buy them, what to ask for depending on what you want to do and where you want to go.  There was a short discussion on GPS systems and how to double check them.

And we talked about activities the rest of the month and where we’re going rock-hounding next as a club. Some of us are going to the big Pow Wow in Quartzsite, AZ in two weeks.  Then the club will do an outing outside St. George the end of the month, and some will attend the annual gem and bead show in Tucson in February.

Regardless of where you go; whether you rock hound or purchase your materials; there’s so many rocks and so little time.