June 24, 2019

Slab, Cab, and Tumble

Utah Gemstone Jewelers

It’s Summer. Want some tumbled rock?

Summer finally arrived in Enoch, Utah.  We’ll be in the 80’s this week, perfect for inside artwork.

Tracy acquired the green tumbler drum from a Southern Utah Rock Club Silent Auction this winter.  He wanted it as a backup for the two he bought 2 years ago with a used machine.  Little did he realize how big it really was.

The environment here in Southern Utah is very arid and rubber seals on drums dry out, crack and leak before you know it. He’s tumbled a lot of rock in the past two years, and now that he has three drums, the tumbled rock tumbles into bags and boxes for our shows and the rock clubs show – Festival City Rock, Gem, and Mineral Show September 13-15, 2019 here in Cedar City, Utah.

Utah Gemstone Jewelers

The tumblers run full time now, and everything from Agate to Chalcedony gets a polish and a new home.  Grab bags will be available at both the Junior RockHound Booth as well as our own business booth.  Don’t miss the opportunity to get yours.

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