August 8, 2020

Silver Work At The Shop

Silver Squiggles Beads and Double Bails

Club Members Continue Their  Crafting Journey

The ladies worked on different more advanced pendant projects at the Aug 5th jewelry session.

Silver By Audra
Silver by Emma
Silver by Valerie

Emma used scrap pieces that had been heated to morph them into strange shapes combined with beads to outline her pendant.

Valerie used double bails and 5 beads in a base triangle to give a static horizontal stone some tension for a visual excitement.

Audra used silver beads at the bottom and bail to break up the static effect of the plain rope around her pendant.

It's educational to watch their progress and confidence grow as they become familiar with soldering, shaping and finishing silver. Like any endeavor, practice always improves the technique and each attempt gets better. The instructor also benefits by being forced to analyze his own techniques and recognize the differences of each students dexterity, visual capabilities and learning style.

It's always fun and gratifying to see the end results of your handy work so join us to create your special jewelry piece to wear or gift to a special person.

We Have Silver. 

You can now purchase silver for your projects at the club shop on Metal Work days.

As more folks become experienced, classes will only be done once or twice a month and the other days will be Open Metals Studio to work on your own chosen project with normal shop fees. The reason for calling the sessions metals instead of silver is because of the increasing use of copper and brass in projects.

In the future we may bring in sheet brass and copper which are inexpensive metals that can shaped into beautiful jewelry pieces. The savings can be significant as silver prices have gone up over 35 percent over the last month,making the average medium size pendant material price go from around 11.00/14.00  to 16.00/19.00 dollar range. Since most folks tend to make large cabs the silver cost will run 25.00 and up which isn't bad for a special piece - but really adds up if doing numerous pieces.

Till We Meet Again, Tracy 

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