November 11, 2018

Rockhounding –

It’ almost always an adventure.  SURC’S November trip to the Mining District outside Milford, Utah was.  9 vehicles + Jeff’s 4x toy, ventured 15 miles north and then west from Minersvile to the Power Line Road.

It’s all dirt roads from there.  Travel 8+ miles (just past gas pipe vent #238) and turn right.  If you have a vehicle to park it’s the best place.

You’ll travel about 4 miles (we forgot to write down the odometer reading), but based on overall mileage it’s close.  When you get to the end of the graded road it forks left/right.  Take the right side up the side of the mountain.

You’ll see a large number of quartz pieces and you can park there and collect. If you have a standard pickup, or smaller 4 x 4, you can continue up the road to the head of the mine. Drive slow, the track is narrow but it’s not far to the end.


At The Mine
At The Mine