October 30, 2019

Rock Show Weekend

Looking for that perfect gift?  Look no further than the Southern Utah Rock and Gem Show, this weekend at the Washington County, Utah Fairgrounds. 

We’ll be there with our assortment of rocks, slabs and cabs – along with finished jewelry and closeouts.

Utah Gemstone Jewelers

It’s the only place you can currently acquire Tracy’s Sandstone and Copper Pendants.  He’s spent the summer creating this assortment of find jewelry pendants.  Treated copper keeps your skin from turning green, and Rose Gold plated neck chains complete the finished piece.

2019 10 30 11.03.02

Jana’s created some fiber wrapped rocks.  They make great paper weights and conversation starters.  Each comes with a little card that talks about the rock and the wrapping.  This is a market test and there are only a dozen.  Be sure to attend the show on Friday afternoon.  Doors open at noon on Friday.

For detailed information, follow the link above.