October 6, 2021

Rock Show Season Begins

Rock Show season begins.

We spent several weeks preparing for this season’s rock shows.  We sold the original jewelry racks to a retail store over by Bodie, Ca.  We sold the old lights and purchased clamp-on LED’s. The tablecloths got a good scrubbing and changed the layout to include risers and white neck displays.

Rock Show

Tracy has changed his production to all sterling silver and fine gemstones. I’ve added hand-made journals, book bags, and my miniature baskets. Some of the baskets hold air-plants, others are lined and hold 40mm spheres, and others have gemstone bead adornments.

With help from family, we bagged, labeled and priced almost 1200 bags of jewelry, gemstones, glass beads, Turquoise, Amber, and so much more. Those were in thirty plastic shoeboxes and priced $10.00 and less per bag and placed on a special table.

Rock Show

First up – Southern Utah Rock Club held their annual show in Cedar City. 27 booths of rocks, gems and minerals were part of the Festival City Rock, Gem, Mineral and Jewelry Show this past weekend in the Diamond Z Arena on Cross Hollow Road.

Rock Show

Three days of non-stop sales, helping people locate other vendors, and enjoying the crowds resulted in a great event. Of the 1200 bags, about 542 went home with one of the customers that attended. I haven’t heard the official count of attendees, but I would guess around 2,500 in three days. I know I never got away from the booth for more than 5 min. and never did get a chance to see the other booths.

Part of those attendees were from the So. Nevada Gem and Mineral Society out of Las Vegas.  Chops used a table in our booth to pass out flyers for their two shows next spring.  The spring Jamboree show in Boulder City during  Memorial Weekend, and the Rock Show during the Rocky Mountain Federation Annual Convention in June at the Orleans Hotel & Casino.  

Special thanks go to Show Chairman, Jeff Smith, and his wife Deanna.  In addition, our Club President Dave Larson and wife Olga worked the club booth all weekend, as did Dave and Elly Layton. Rob and Enid Ferraud and Glenn Pearson worked off and on, all weekend, and I’m sure there were many others that helped make the show a success.

As vendors, the result was orderly, safe, and high traffic.

Thank You!

If you missed it, watch for next year’s, or follow us to Washington County fairgrounds for the next show, November 5th, and 6th