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January 17, 2017

Quartzsite Road Trip – almost.

Oh my goodness, what’s that orange ball in the sky?  It’s been so long since we’ve seen it, I’ve forgetten  how bright it can be (even at the winter sky level – although I’ve already noticed how far in the southern sky it has climbed since Dec. 21st).  16 degrees and slowly climbing.  I’m ready for a road trip.  Well, not completely ready but mentally I’m already out the door.

Paper stopped – Check.

Mail stopped – Check.

House sitter ready to arrive – Check.

Fridge cleaned out? Almost.  Chex Party Mix? Under construction.

Now to create my bead buying list.  Gemstone beads – sizes 6mm – 8mm.  Pearls.  Blister Pearls. Copper Findings. This year’s latest and greatest that will appear at the show for all to buy.

Pantone color of the year – Greenery.

Gemstones to use Peridot, jade, variscite. All can be pretty spendy – we’ll see what is in the offering.

Accent colors Pale Dogwood

gemstones to use – Quartz, Topaz, pearl.  Check.

Accent Color Lapis Blue – I have Lapis chips, I’ll have to watch for beads.

Accent color Primrose Yellow –

gemstones to use – Topaz, citrine, Pearl.  Check.

It’s always fun to wander through the hundreds of booths that sell everything youccan imagine that pertains to lapidary work and jewelry fabrication – tools, gems, beads, findings, wire/thread/string, patterns – the list is endless.  Unlike Tucson, there are few (if any) classes offered.  It’s buy/sell/swap.

If you could have any type of gemstone necklace, what would it be?  Let me know.

If you need any gemstone beads or chips let me know.  There’s so many rocks and so little time.

Stay tuned – I’ll be posting from the show.


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