July 16, 2019

Picture Sandstone

Not every rock tells a visual story. Tracy looks at rock patterns the way he used to look at Myrtlewood log patterns.  Find the rock/log, open it up with the first slice and see what’s inside.  The unique patterns then call out for certain things to be made.  With Myrtlewood it was bowls, vases, trinket boxes or lighthouses.  With rocks it cabs, slabs, or yard décor.  Not every rock has a gem quality base.

But if you’re looking for a flashy piece with lots of contrast in the pattern, you probably won’t find it here.  Tracy has a unique eye and patterns are his love, not bling.  Swirls, like soft flowing cloth, are what catches his eye.  Lines that can represent other shapes are prevalent.  Circles of life, lines in the sandstone, eyes of the rock, all tell a story and he enjoys making them into cabochons using either copper or sterling silver.

The colors are subtle, enhancing the flow caused by the lines and shapes.  The mauves, creams, blues all help deliver the story of each rock he works.  His gemstone pieces feature intriguing patterns, unusual shades of green and blue, and any kind of plume or mossy look that replicates a mossy northwest stream. The bright spots you’ll find in the stones remind him of flowers in the field or meadow.

His sandstone pieces are miniature landscapes.  Each piece exemplifies the western deserts and spark the imagination that you can walk out among the landscape.  Can he make a pendant from sandstone? Yes, but it requires stabilization. Like Turquois, it is a soft stone that does not hold up to the beating a normal piece of jewelry gets subjected to without stabilization.

How does he stabilize his pieces?  Either with a layer of harder material behind the cab, or through a pressure infusion process using a resin compound.

How do I purchase one of his pieces?  His copper and gemstone pieces are at Stone Path Gallery in Cedar City.  He’ll soon have his copper and sandstone pieces available at a Gallery in Southern Utah (to be announced).  And you can always find his work at one of the 6 shows we do each year.  Our schedule in posted on the footer of this website.