January 27, 2018

Our Newest Journey Begins

Tucson was the right medicine for us.   Our retail store has been closed for almost 4 years, and I didn’t realize how much we missed the challenge of it until our excursions today at The Tucson Rock and Gem Show.

Looking for Product

We talked about new product and how we could incorporate it into our booth at the various events.

We explored hundreds of wholesale outlets that stock rock, gems, minerals, fossils, beads, and findings and equipment.  It got us both thinking about what we could do in this industry and where to get the merchandise.  And we came away with a sense of purpose that’s been lacking for many moons.

Just spending time looking at the newest rock products makes our blood flow quicker.  And the new rocks being introduced this season are really beautiful.  We plan to photograph the special pieces we purchased.  I’ll post them here.  In the meantime, here’s a picture of the stone bowls being sold.

Stone Bowl
Banded Onyx Bowl
16″ x 20″ x 14″ tall

The hand-carved wooden statues, the hand carved, shaped and polished rock bowls are stunning and the volume of Amethyst Crystals and towers is mind numbing.

Too bad we’re too old to have a retail store still.  But we’ll enjoy doing the booth more than the last 2 years.

Stay tuned and follow us on our journey.