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January 15, 2017

No Bloggers Today? Never on Sunday

I love the process of the 30-day blogging challenge.  It’s forced me to focus.  Not on sales, marketing or blogging but my followers and customers.

Ever since 1988 one of my sayings has been “perception is 100% of reality.”  I read that in the Facebook and Blog post of our blogging challenge leader Sarah Arrow.  She wrote about controversy and the problems you create when you do so.  She had found herself in an unexpected consequence from one of her blog posts and was teaching us to be focused on customers and ever vigil to their needs.

Cedar City, Utah Temple under Construction
Cedar City, Utah Temple

Mine has been posting on Sundays.  We live and work in a Mormon village and have since we moved from Oregon to Utah in 2006.  Our first location was in a small town of 75 souls and about 80% were Mormon (we are not).  We learned about their faith and their way of life and reaching them on Sunday was not an option.

When we moved to a larger college town last year we changed our customer focus from tourist to residents and started building our business on that model.  We are still in a Mormon village and our sales depend on them.  They have commented, politely, they don’t use their computers on Sunday, and they don’t go back and see what they missed.

So – out of respect and to eliminate controversy, there’s no blog post today focused on Utah Gemstone Jewelers and gemstone jewelry.  We’ll be back tomorrow with more great information on gemstones, jewelry and Utah.

Have a great day!