May 10, 2021

New Booth?

Time For A New Booth.

Getting away from the household routine is always a positive for us.  We spend more time sharing and figuring out where we are and where we want to go, and this past weekend was no different.

It’s been 18 months since we participated in a rock and gem show, and we’re 18 months older and slower.  I spent several days prior to the show going through all the boxes in the trailer, washing all the tablecloths and making sure sales supplies were there. Then we were off to Boulder City, Nevada for the southern Nevada Gem and Mineral Society Show as part of the Spring Jamboree in Boulder City put on by the Boulder City Chamber of Commerce.

We spent Thursday evening getting settled and exploring some of downtown.  Friday was set-up day and went well.  Tracy spent the first hour, or so, helping the club set up their events and activities. This was their 6th show and they know the drill well.

After the club had lined out all the vendor spaces, they let the Vendors begin their setup. We got everything to our assigned place and started our set-up process. As we progressed some of Tracy’s friends from the rock club stopped by to visit and I proceeded to finish the process.  That’s when I realized that we no longer needed a double booth space.  A double booth was too big for what we want to do and too much for me to set-up and take down by myself.  It took us 5 hours to sort through everything, get the tables and jewelry racks into place and product displayed correctly.  We’ve since had several conversations about how we’ll downsize (again), and a plan is in place to change our layout and displays.

Changing Layouts

We have a friend that wants to purchase the jewelry racks and we’ll eventually get rid of some of the folding tables.  Instead, we’ll do what several other vendors do – rent tables that are available at the rock show.  That will cut out all the heavy equipment/display lifting and storage.

That’s what we’ll look like for our next show in October and in November.  Tracy will have half the booth for Utah Gemstone Jewelers, and I’ll have the other half for Jana’s Journals (Books, Bags and Baskets).

Tracy wants to concentrate on fewer pieces and better quality.  We’ll have a double booth at the Southern Utah Rock Club Show in October and the Washington County Rock Show in November.  Half will be our new booth layout and the other half will be tables with beads, jewelry, slabs, and cabs for liquidation. 

It’s just like have an on-premises outlet – changing the layout of the store, moving product around, and bringing in new items keeps a store fresh for those that visit regularly.  We hope you’ll visit us at those shows.

Boulder City Jamboree Review

It was our first time to be involved in this particular show.  It is well run, needs to be advertised and needs more simple signage within the park directing attendees into the Rec Center, as all other events are outside.

But, considering the Covid-10 restrictions did not allow more than 5,500 attendees into the area at any one time, we did very well.  We’ll return if they’ll have us.

Other Events

We were invited to participate in Parowan City Events in June and July.  Unfortunately, they are all outdoor shows a part of other events.  We don’t do outdoor shows anymore, we’re just getting too old to haul all that is required to do them.

If you’d like information on those events, visit the events page.

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