April 27, 2018

Logan Summerfest 2018

This crafting year is shaping up to be a good one.

We knew we had been accepted to the Moab Arts and Crafts Show back in early March for our 3rd year. It takes a couple of years to figure out what products sell and how to set up the booth at each event. Those experiences led us to apply and be accepted at the Logan Summerfest in June.

We were told we should apply because Tracy’s Jewelry would be well received. Now to finish revising the booth to fit his newest product line – Sterling Silver pendants and scarf rings. He’s in a further revision mode as well.

He’s settled into crafting rock slabs into cabochons and then taking the best cabs and creating Jewelry. He’s been working with Copper since 2015, and enjoys the rustic flavor it gives to his Sandstone pieces. But not all Gemstones look good in the golden copper color.

He took Steve Taylor’s one-week course on crafting with Sterling Silver this winter. Now that he has control of his free time, he’ll begin creating some pieces in sterling to add to his offerings. That should keep him off the streets and out of City Hall. Just like his 30+ years of crafting bowls from Myrtlewood slabs, he’ll now seek out the patterns in the rock slabs for crafting into cabochons for sale and to make into jewelry.Stellas Bracelet

As for me, I’m busy doing a custom beaded bracelet ordered in dark green. It takes time to research a bead color that matches the sample bandana yet allow for some contrast with the black beads. It’s a challenge I enjoy, as well as creating the pattern with beads. It’s what I call “painting with beads”. I’ll be doing a number of pieces for a winter Christmas show in December here in Cedar City.

I’ll also continue making twined ornaments and miniature baskets for all our shows this year. If you want to see where we’re going to be, check out the bottom of our website home page. All our events are listed there. We look forward to seeing you at one of them.

Until then – – –