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January 7, 2017

Jewelry – What’s Your Style?

Two Words:  Simple Elegance

A simple elegant style can be defined in several ways.  To me it’s wearing white pants and a Navy Blazer, red blouse and simple jewelry for a summer picnic.  Not everyone’s style, but it is how I envision life and how I design jewelry.

From my plain bead woven necklaces with matching earrings to my pearl necklaces, the beauty of the beads is the focal point of the piece.

When your values come from your grandparents who barely survived the great depression, you don’t tend to care about trends and fads.  Only through hard work do you even consider change or modernization.  Simple Elegance comes fromPearls and Daggers

those values and the complete other side of that concept – those that are wealthy to extremely wealthy.  They worked hard to get where they are and continue to spend wisely.  They too have plans and budgets and work to adhere to those to weather a financial crisis not of their making or take a special holiday without borrowing.

No matter which side you live on, those values send you off in search of craftspeople to provide arts and crafts to meet your needs.  Helping you acquire the perfect piece for your special event is my goal.

From the elegance of a winter gala or the fun of a summer wedding, net woven necklaces add to V-neck gowns and off the shoulder cotton peasant blouses. (I’ll repost my neckline guide later this month.)

Bandana Bracelet - Simple Elegance
Bead-Woven Bandana Bracelet is simple elegance.

How about a bandana pattern bracelet with your blue jeans and denim blouse with red bandana tie?

For the Victorian Summer Ball, we’ll match beads to dress colors and bead weave wonderful and delicate daisy chain necklaces with matching bracelet.

Ore for the Bride’s outfit, a glorious pearl necklace in three styles.  How about matching pieces for the bridesmaids and moms?

Oh, it’s so fun to design and create heritage jewelry for you.  Pieces that you’ll pass on that reflect the Simple Elegance of life.  What’s your style?