April 27, 2016

Jewelry Questionaire

After 45+ years of retailing in the travel industry, we’re now selling in the mainstream jewelry market.  It only took a couple of gift/art shows to realize we really didn’t know what you wanted to buy.

I’ve been making bead-woven jewelry since 2003 and have sold many pieces to travelers wanting a piece of Utah.  It would serve as the remembrance of their holiday.  Small, medium, large, fancy, plain – they eventually all sold.  But what were they really looking for?

Turns out, the average show buyer is not much different than the tourist gift shop buyer – you all have certain items of jewelry you seek on a regular basis and a few purchase those one-of-a-kind art pieces that make you stand out in the crowd.

We created an 8 question survey for our last show.  8 lucky ladies won earrings for their efforts and will receive hand-beaded earrings.  Take our survey – you could be the next lucky lady to own a pair of my earrings.