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January 1, 2017

Jet – Gemstone Jewelry of Utah

Day 2 Blogging Challenge is about Jet, a utah gemstone.

Jet is a hard and pure type of coal.  It is formed from the remains of wood immersed in stagnant water millions of years ago.  A Jet gemstone can be shaped into most any jewelry piece, takes a good polish and is often faceted. Jet - Another Utah Gemstone

Jet was popular for “mourner’s jewelry” in the 19th century because of its somber color and modest appearance.  It has been fashioned into traditional rosaries for monks as well.


Jet has a hardness level of 2.5 out of 10.  It is not appropriate for rings as it will not take the wear.  But does work up into nice necklaces.  This sterling silver and jet pendant hangs from a hand-crafted Delica bead 18” neck chain by Jana.  It is simple enough to be worn to work, yet elegant enough to compliment any evening outfit. A Utah Gemstone worth the trek to find.