September 26, 2021

Henderson Silversmithing

Henderson Silversmithing

Last Class of 2021

Our travels to Henderson, Nevada have been another adventure in our 25+ years together.

Tracy has been hauling his shop, including oxygen and acetylene tanks, to Henderson once a month for over a year.  Members of the Southern Nevada Gem and Mineral Society take his silversmithing class at Desert Art Supply.

Henderson Trips
Gemstone Rings

Class Projects

Owner and Rock Club Member Del Wallkenshaw, has been a wonderful host and cheerleader, and Tracy is comfortable teaching there.  The many students have made rings, pendants, and earrings for gifts and self-use. Del stocks a nice assortment of Sterling Silver and other wire for jewelry making.  Drop by if you’re in Henderson.

Almost all the students have expressed appreciation and delight, and he’s made many new friends.  I get to sit and relax, shop, write, shop, visit with club members, shop – you get the idea.  It’s been a fun time and kept us sane during the pandemic.  October, November, and December we have rock and gem shows, and other obligations that won’t allow us to visit.  We’re working on a possible date in January to make a bracelet.  Watch the Events Page to know when the next class will be. 

In the meantime, Tracy is still offering jewelry making classes at the Lapidary Shop for SURC (Southern Utah Rock Club).  He offers one class and three open shop times for jewelry from gemstone each month.  Class times and fees are available on the club website. 

As for Henderson, we’re grateful for all who took the classes; helped with the class; promoted the classes.  May your holiday be merry and full of more rocks.  If all goes well, we’ll see you at the annual Christmas Party.

Thank You