November 29, 2018

Heirloom Christmas Ornaments


Honor Your Journey

Tell Your Life Story with Ornaments


For some, decorating the Christmas Tree is a family tradition.  As they carefully unwrap their box of heirloom ornaments, each special treasure represents a stop or event of their life’s journey.

Some collections begin with their birth, others a special event or celebration that represents a beginning in their journey. For me, it’s centered on my dad and the huge impact he had on my life and still does.

JR 3973 ORN DiamindPatternWEB
Diamond Ornament

I’ve been creating beaded treasures since 2003.  I wanted to cover my miniature baskets with beads as I learned from a group of women from 11 western tribes. I then realized the potential for using beads to cover just about any glass vessel, including clear and colored glass tree ornaments.  That led to the creation of ornaments as wedding presents for friends, and beaded stars for my “Memory Star” cards.

Utah Gemstone Jewelers
Hand Beaded Heirloom Ornament



Custom orders for these treasures are always welcome.  Please plan on 3-5 weeks from purchase to receiving your custom ornament.  Others are available as created during the year.  “Memory Star” Sympathy Cards are available year-round with a 10 day turn-around time.