December 25, 2019

Fall Hand Knitting

I usually get tired of knitting the same old thing (although I’ll go back to it after the first of the year) and find something else to do. This year it was a Faroese Shawl and a new baby sweater pattern.

2019 12 20 16.32.51

The shawl is based on a pattern historically used according to the author, by the women of the Faroe Islands. It starts at the bottom and ends with the small peak at the back of the neck. It has some unusual shaping that keeps it on your shoulders without a shawl pin. I’ve been wearing mine around the house and love it.

2019 12 23 12.51.29

The baby sweater (size 3-6 months) is also knit from the bottom up. I usually do raglan sleeves because I dislike set in sleeves. But this pattern is one from a new book I bought and it knits up perfectly. The sleeves actually fit the armholes, and the neckband isn’t too big. This one will be on Etsy after Christmas, when I get the site where it needs to be.

All my natural fiber knit goods will eventually be on Etsy with a link from here. I only charge $20 for baby sweaters. 1/2 goes to buy yarn for another sweater and the other half goes towards buying acrylic yarns for scarves for “Operation Gratitude” (at least that’s my recipient for 2020). I’ve done scarves for the service men and women before, but I’m going to do a couple of new patterns that should be just right for the requested scarf sizes (4-6″ wide and maximum 50″ long).

I’m happy to knit the patterns I sell in colors for special orders, but they require prepayment and 1 month lead time. Visit our contact page and send me any inquiries you might have.

Happy New Year – Jana