May 14, 2021

Dixie Rocks and Fossils

Dixie Rocks & Fossils

Just a year ago, we attended the grand opening for Dixie Rocks and Fossils.  No sooner did they open than the pandemic threatened to close them.  Since that time, we’ve sold a number of pendants to them in various sizes, shapes and types of stones.

This past week we took them more Copper mounted Sandstone, and other treasures.  The featured stones were Coprolite.

What is Coprolite?

Coprolite is the fossilized excrement of animals.  Yes, Dino dung. The best specimen-grade coprolite is the material that exhibits the entire form or shape of a “poop”, which often resembles a cow pie.  The best patterns often resemble lightening bolts of red inside light colors.  Other desirable and rarer colors are green and lavenders and pastel purples. 

Not all Coprolites are suited for lapidary work.  Coprolite is plagues with fractures.  By far the majority of the gem grade coprolite is found within the Morrison Formation of the Colorado Plateau, in the same areas as the gem dinosaur bone. 

If you’d like a beautiful necklace of Coprolite, hand shaped and polished and mounted on Sterling Silver, visit Dixie Rocks and Fossils located at

946 W Sunset Blvd, Saint George, UT.  Or visit their Facebook page