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March 16, 2020

Coronavirus Outcomes – Shows

Shows Closed by Pandemic Rules

Today, March 16, 2020, the Daily Beast reported on the possibilities of when the Coronavirus might end. They had four different scenarios with experts’ insights and opinions ranging from months,  a year, or when there’s no one left to infect.  All of those will alter the lives of many.

In the meantime, on Sunday the CDC (Center for Disease Control) issued a new national guidance that events involving more than 50 people be canceled or postponed for at least eight weeks.

For us, that means the following events are likely no longer on our schedule for our pop-up store for these dates.

Parowan Swap Meet – March 28th and 29th

Wasatch Gem & Mineral Show – April 16th – 19th

Southern Nevada Gem and Mineral Show – Spring Jamboree  –  May 1st and 2nd

Keep In Touch for Show Updates

In the event show managers arrange to move the show dates to the fall, we’ll report that info here and will attend, if possible.  The problem with having the show in the timeslot reserved is two-fold.  The show may go as planned, but the crowds will not be there and there is a large likelihood that vendors will not make enough money to warrant being there.  Secondly, vendors risk their health by attending when there is no way to know who might attend that is ill or carrying the disease. 

Unless there is a dramatic change in the national guidance closer to those dates, and the show managers have not cancelled the events, we’ll have to see you next year. We are both in the “risk” category due to age and/or health conditions and will follow the guidances.

In addition, Tracy has cancelled his metalworking classes, Open Shop times, and Junior program for the rock club until further notice.

Stay home, be safe, be kind.   Kindness matters!!!!!

Here’s the link to the Daily Beast article in case you’re interested.