June 23, 2016

Collector Baskets 2016

I’ve been building baskets since 2003 when I had the opportunity to learn basket making from women of 11 western tribes.  Each tribe makes their baskets just a little different and uses natural materials unique to their location.  From Wood and hemp from southern Washington tribes to spruce roots of some of the Northern California tribes. Waxed Linen Basket covered in beads.

I’ve been building miniature waxed linen baskets since 2005.  Not only can I create wonderful little treasure baskets, I can fully cover them in beads like the horse hair baskets of other tribes. The linen is easy to handle and doesn’t require a lot of hand strength.  Poor old hands don’t have much strength anymore, for me #Enough baskets are perfect.

#Enough Baskets?  Yes, #Enough baskets hold just the right amount of everything. #Enough

  • Treasures to please you
  • Rock Candy to tempt you
  • Hope to encourage you
  • Gratitude to inspire you, and
  • Love to share with others.

Rock Candy baskets are this year’s feature.  I try and do something different each year for the many collectors I have that purchase a basket each year. 2012 Was Pendleton wool and jute.  2013 was round reed and hand-peeled cypress bark. 2014 and 2015 I took off to close the Gallery and move from Escalante to Enoch, UT.  This year it’s waxed linen with different designs and diamond bands.  My ornaments will have diamond patterns this year as well.  The diamond pattern is the design that represents my Great-Grandmothers Tribe – “The Wind People” – the Kaw Indians of Kansas.

Rock Candy baskets come complete with a small bag of rock candy, much like jelly beans. And, as always, each comes with its Certificate of Authenticity, and each reminds us to be grateful for our #Enough. When your loved one or friend has finished their candy they can fill it with #Enough rocks, gemstones, jewelry, or whatever they like.

Until next week – – –