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January 10, 2017

Classic Style – is that you?

“… simplicity, grooming and good taste – the three fundamentals of fashion – cannot be bought.  But they can be learnt, rich and poor alike.”       Christian Dior


I was 45 years old before I fully realized what I liked, what style I wanted for me, and what it would take to accomplish that.  I wasn’t from a wealthy family, but a split home. There wasn’t enough money to buy shoes let alone make-up or other adornments. And I had such a poor self-concept I didn’t even realize there was such a thing as style.

But I knew I wanted to look like Audrey Hepburn.  We were both tall, thin and that’s where the look alike stopped.  She had beautiful hair she could put up in elegant styles.  I had short natural frizzy hair and didn’t appreciate until 45+ the look I could create for myself. She had a wonderful elegant voice and mine was not.  And I always thought she came from the best family with lots of money.  Wrong.  We were much closer in class than I knew.

She had a mentor that groomed her, taught her to walk and talk and her wonderful personality took it from there. I had a mentor, actually several, in the 80’s who taught me how to dress, talk, and act.

In the late 1980’s I had the opportunity to acquire my work suits from a wonderful woman who sold Doncaster from her home.  She helped me further my wardrobe and began to help me craft a simple elegant and classic style.  I’d go to her home 4 times a year and see what was available and we’d pick items that would coordinate with what I already had.  They were expensive, but I still have and wear a number of them.  It was her mentoring that gave me the knowledge of how to run a home based private shopping experience.  One where both men and women can see what special items we have or could create in the privacy of our home.  Comfortable chairs, water and treats, and all the time they want to shop.

Here I am, 68 years young and I’m making jewelry in the classic (simple elegant) style and selling it from my home.  Hand strung pearls, a long-beaded chain, gold hoop earrings of seed beads, a bold bracelet, an iconic bracelet and a reviere necklace.  All hand crafted and available for the young or old who have a classic style without deep pockets. All timeless pieces of jewelry of heirloom quality.

I’ll continue to provide that type of shopping and build our customer base with our customer’s needs in mind.  They’ll probably have a classic style, since both my husband and I have that style.  And you’ll occasionally find a “fun” piece that isn’t anywhere near to classic but was fun to make.  And we’ll still be making jewelry in our 80’s (considering Tracy is already 77).  We hope you’ll make an appointment for your private shopping experience no matter your style.

Don’t know what style you are?  We explore the various styles over the next month. Simplicity, Grooming and good taste.  What style are you?