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April Diamonds

Marilyn Monroe sang “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend”, and she wasn’t kidding.  Much wealth has been centered around diamonds, but their popularity is waning.  2800 jewelry stores in America have closed over the past 10 years, mostly those that… Continue Reading →

Amethyst in Utah – Where?

Is There Amethyst in Utah?   Yes, there are five locations in Utah where Amethyst has been found and is still available for the rock hound to collect.  You won’t find the large towers of Crystal Amethyst you see in… Continue Reading →

January Birthstone – Garnets

Garnets – the “stone of constancy”   Garnet have been used as a gemstone for over 5000 years. It has been found in the jewelry of many Egyptian burials and was the most popular gemstone of Ancient Rome. It is a beautiful gem that… Continue Reading →

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