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January 6, 2017

Buying Valentine’s Jewelry? A few ideas.

Valentine’s day traditions date back to 269 A.D., it is a time to exchange notes, flowers, and chocolates.  For some, it is a time to give jewelry, and not just diamonds.

Giving jewelry does not have to break the bank, it can be a simple ring, a nice bracelet, or more.  But the cost of the item should not be the decider.  Give what you want and can afford is always the best choice.  If you know “your valentine” well enough you can probably even purchase necklaces and earrings, but don’t have your feelings hurt if they don’t like it.Beautiful Holt Canyon Agate

We get a lot of men buyers at our shows.  They have the chance to buy something unique, no one else will have, and establish a relationship with the store.  At our December event, we had a husband purchase a large and ornate necklace for his wife’s birthday.  Several weeks later she called and wanted to know if she could exchange it for something less ornate telling me it “wasn’t her style”.  Whatever the reason, we’re always happy to exchange items to fit the likes of the recipient.  She came out to the showroom, choose two different gemstone necklaces and went away very happy.

When it comes to buying jewelry, buy from a reputable seller; inquire as to their return/exchange policy; and buy what you like.  Even if he/she doesn’t, they’ll know you care about them and that’s the whole point of the day.

Another approach, if you’re leery of buying something for fear she’ll not like it and feel less about you because of it, go to the store you trust and buy a gift certificate/card.  But don’t stop there.  Take him/her to the store and talk about what they would buy.  You’ll have a nice outing together (without kids, please), learn more about “your valentine”, and have something to celebrate at a lunch/dinner afterwards.

Happy Valentine’s Day.