June 20, 2017

Another Successful Show

Our thanks to those that purchased our jewelry at the Frontier Homestead Folk Festival last weekend in Cedar City, Utah.  After we figured out what merchandise buyers were seeking, and changed to that on Saturday, we had a great weekend.

It was way too hot to be fun, except for watching the kids pick out rocks.  We have several types of rocks we offer 2/$1.00 and they love searching for the perfect 2.  All ages and sizes like to “hunt” through the trays and come up with their perfect rock.Utah Gemstone Jewelers

Tracy demonstrated how to cab with his little machine.  That always amazes folks that have never seen it done and really never thought about how it is done.    For them, merchandise just shows up on the rack at a store and there’s little thought as to how it is made.

As with every show, a customer chose the piece that Tracy had put the most work and details in.  Made of Utah Variscite, it’s pale green color and unique bezel made it a “must-have” for her.  Now it’s on to a rock hounding trip with our club this weekend.  Again, heat will be an issue. But this time I have an air conditioned truck I can spend time in.  LOL.

Until next time – – –