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December 23, 2017

Alvey’s Super Service – Sold

ESC CityPanoFromWest 500x3000sp

We first discovered Escalante in 2003 .  The dry environment in the winter and the solitude encouraged us to return in 2005.  We had closed our gift shop in Oregon and sold our home.  Living in our 30’ fifth-wheel was fine.

In 2005 we asked if there was any commercial property for sale, and ended up buying the old service station at 425 W Main. Alveys Super Service 1943 origional Our dream of a fine art gallery began to take shape.  The permits were gotten, and remodeling began.  A conditional use permit allowed us to live in our fifth-wheel behind the store, and opening night was recorded in June 2016

We ran the store, built and printed maps of the Grand Staircase, held photo workshops, taught basketry, did beading classes for tour bus riders, produced brochures for a number of local businesses, created the designs for the two Lions Clubs to pay for and erect the Welcome signs, wrote grants for Escalante City water projects and the Fire Station, participated in the annual Christmas concert, enjoyed the light train, and too any more events and projects to list.20151212 211611

We made so many wonderful friends, it’s hard to say goodbye.  But we have sold The Super Service Station and new owners will bring their dream, just like we brought ours.  We hope the community will support them as much as they helped and supported us. And we hope you’ll stay “friends” as we decide what will be our new adventure.Main St Sign


Merry Christmas.  May the new year be full of joy for everyone.  And Thank You for everything!