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Summer Solstice -2017

Summer Solstice – 2017 is usually better known as the “longest day”.  And there really isn’t any better place to enjoy it than Parowan Gap. The three-mile-long pass near Parowan, Utah which connects the Parowan and Cedar Valleys, is a… Continue Reading →

3 Ways to Rock Collect – Quality over Quantity

Corporate advertising has been brain-washing us for years that more is better and bigger is best.  NOT TRUE!  Especially not when it comes to rocks You can only wear one at a time, your yard has only so much room… Continue Reading →

Utah Gemstones and Birthstones –

Birthstone – a gemstone associated with the month of a person’s birth.  That’s the simple definition, but it’s not that simple anymore.  There are several different lists of monthly gemstones.  Then there is a daily list according to what day,… Continue Reading →

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