It’ almost always an adventure.  SURC’S November trip to the Mining District outside Milford, Utah was.  9 vehicles + Jeff’s 4x toy, ventured 15 miles north and then west from Minersvile to the Power Line Road.

It’s all dirt roads from there.  Travel 8+ miles (just past gas pipe vent #238) and turn right.  If you have a vehicle to park it’s the best place.

You’ll travel about 4 miles (we forgot to write down the odometer reading), but based on overall mileage it’s close.  When you get to the end of the graded road it forks left/right.  Take the right side up the side of the mountain.

You’ll see a large number of quartz pieces and you can park there and collect. If you have a standard pickup, or smaller 4 x 4, you can continue up the road to the head of the mine. Drive slow, the track is narrow but it’s not far to the end.


At The Mine