There are two ways to bead weave – on a loom or hand-held.  I prefer hand-held simply because I can’t sit in the proper position to use a loom because of an old back injury.

I was blessed to be taught how to bead from a member of the Coos Confederated Tribes in Oregon.  She was patient and kind and gave me her hints and tricks to keep my work and tension even but not too tight.  I also learned about the various types of beads that can be used and the right bead for each project.  I miss her wisdom and guidance.

I started bead weaving in earnest after we moved to Utah.  I had done a project while in Oregon using my basket weaving skills and bead weaving energy.  A hand twined flat framed a bead-woven petroglyph of a goat playing a flute.  It’s suspended from a small wooden flute and hangs from a Madrona Limb Tracy crafted for me. I used the image to the right for the pattern and then added a music note fringe. It was fun and I’m very proud of it.Utah Gemstone Jewelers



Then I wanted to do some other projects so I did a black and white tree.



and a few years ago I did a series of bracelets I call my “Heritage Bracelets” – one for each of my daughters and a grand daughter, and a dear friend.

A pill bottle for a friend and a series of ornaments for wedding presents, anniversaries, etc.