Jana Hassett has been twining and bead weaving since 2003.  Trained by women from 11 Western Tribes, she’s developed a line of fine craft jewelry, basketry and bead weavings.

Jana’s hand-beaded neck chains augment the beauty of husband Tracy’s hand crafted gemstone pendants.  Most of her chains are a standard 16” – 18” and require approximately 1500 beads.  Her other jewelry designs incorporate Tracy’s cabochons of many different materials using beads and copper findings.

Beading also adorns her twined miniature baskets.  Made from mostly Belgian Waxed Linen, they range in size from 2 ½ inches to 4 inches.  Gemstone fringe beads, beaded “collars” are applied to some, and the ultimate beaded basket is completely encased in Delica beads.  Her “Circle of Friends” beaded basket is designed after the Circle of Friends Pictogram outside Escalante, Utah.

Her other bead weavings include simple décor panels, Christmas Ornaments and bracelets of various designs and materials.  She uses a variety of designs including bead covered copper, all beads woven to replicate fabric, and a mix of beads and techniques.