Prom Dresses – DIY Help!!!

Utah Gemstone Jewelers

  I was at the store the other day and the magazine rack caught my eye.  I ended up buying a copy of Seventeen’s Prom Dress Issue.  My first reaction was one of surprise at the type of dresses being promoted for High School…

Personalization – The Key To Value

Utah Gemstone Jewelers

Personalization Celebrities wear worn, ripped and holey clothes that are very expensive to look like a “regular person”.  LL Cool J wears a knit cap and Adam Levine wears tatters.  It may give them credence in their own communities, but (in my opinion) doesn’t…

Classic Style – is that you?

Simplicity, Classic Style

“… simplicity, grooming and good taste – the three fundamentals of fashion – cannot be bought.  But they can be learnt, rich and poor alike.”       Christian Dior   I was 45 years old before I fully realized what I liked, what style I wanted…

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