Dress Doctors – Who Were They?

Fashion in America appears to be focused on hoodies and jeans.  Sloppy sweatpants or yoga pants seem to be the norm in Walmart land.  Home Economics is no longer taught in our public schools and manners seem to be a forgotten art as well….

Prom Dresses – DIY Help!!!

Utah Gemstone Jewelers

  I was at the store the other day and the magazine rack caught my eye.  I ended up buying a copy of Seventeen’s Prom Dress Issue.  My first reaction was one of surprise at the type of dresses being promoted for High School…

Classic Style – is that you?

Simplicity, Classic Style

“… simplicity, grooming and good taste – the three fundamentals of fashion – cannot be bought.  But they can be learnt, rich and poor alike.”       Christian Dior   I was 45 years old before I fully realized what I liked, what style I wanted…

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