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Afraid of Friday the 13th?

Don’t Worry – Get a Worry Stone Many people can be superstitious and Friday the 13th just adds to their fears.  Bad movies, books, and short stories have scared many a sole into believing that Friday the 13th is a… Continue Reading →

3 Ways to Rock Collect – Quality over Quantity

Corporate advertising has been brain-washing us for years that more is better and bigger is best.  NOT TRUE!  Especially not when it comes to rocks You can only wear one at a time, your yard has only so much room… Continue Reading →

Rock Hounding in Utah – Where and What Can I Do With It?

If you have one of the many books, print or eBook, you know there are a lot of places to look for rocks in Utah, and other states.  However, in Southern Utah the creation of the Monuments has put rock… Continue Reading →

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