Personalization – The Key To Value

Utah Gemstone Jewelers

Personalization Celebrities wear worn, ripped and holey clothes that are very expensive to look like a “regular person”.  LL Cool J wears a knit cap and Adam Levine wears tatters.  It may give them credence in their own communities, but (in my opinion) doesn’t…

Amethyst in Utah – Where?

Utah Gemstone Jewelers

Is There Amethyst in Utah?   Yes, there are five locations in Utah where Amethyst has been found and is still available for the rock hound to collect.  You won’t find the large towers of Crystal Amethyst you see in stores and at Rock…

Quartzsite Road Trip – almost.

Quartzsite Rock Show

Oh my goodness, what’s that orange ball in the sky?  It’s been so long since we’ve seen it, I’ve forgetten  how bright it can be (even at the winter sky level – although I’ve already noticed how far in the southern sky it has…

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