Valentine’s Day 2017

Utah Gemstone Jewelers

Spontaneous – open – honest – receptive – kind – compassionate – those are today’s words. With your loved ones all around you, it’s a day to look at our insecurities and move beyond them.  That’s not always easy, but I’m proud of my…

Personalization – The Key To Value

Utah Gemstone Jewelers

Personalization Celebrities wear worn, ripped and holey clothes that are very expensive to look like a “regular person”.  LL Cool J wears a knit cap and Adam Levine wears tatters.  It may give them credence in their own communities, but (in my opinion) doesn’t…

Bead for Balance

Utah Gemstone Jewelers

Today’s word – Compromise or better yet, find balance. Not just in life, but in creating jewelry.  Each piece that is intended to be symmetrical needs balance.  The same design on each side, Heavier in the center with smaller beads towards the back so…

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