Knowing your #enough is:

  •  freedom from envy, fear, and jealousy;
  •  freedom from being manipulated by those wishing to change you to their vision;
  •  freedom from feeling a lack or scarcity in your life.
  •  happiness. Happiness is not something you have – it is something you do.
  •  peace of mind.

Learn to recognize your abundance. Write your own list of #enough – three things that make your life complete, that reinforce the fact that you have #enough and give you the ability to move on with your life based on what you have.


I have more than three – I have #enough:

1. food      2. clothing to live     4. A wonderful husband     5. warm and safe home
6. friends     7. family

Do I have a wish list of “things” I’d like to have? Of course, but I don’t NEED them. It would be nice to have them, but they are only tools to making my world a little easier to function in. I don’t require them, only wish. I don’t crave for them, I’m content without them.

Another way to express this is “keeping up with the Jones'” – that started after the end of WWII. The US economy was booming, jobs were plentiful and affluence was something attainable by the “middle class”. Home buying programs were created for Veterans and the envy challenge began. Longing and yearning became need, and peer pressure became immense. Everyone who was anyone had a new house with a beautiful front lawn. A single car garage became a double car garage and a reasonable back yard became a quarter acre.

With the advent of television, ads became another way to convince the public that they needed MORE; to be skinny; to have the latest and greatest gadget; to buy the better and newest appliance; to redecorate your new home every few years; to have a new car every three years; to buy the latest fashion for every season; and on and on. Money and spending it was the solution. If you didn’t have it – borrow it. If you couldn’t get a high-paying job you needed to go to college -spend more. On and on and on.

In the meantime, we forgot to appreciate that we really already had #enough. “Gratitude turns what we have into #enough“.

Here’s hoping you have your list of #enough and know the difference between, need, longing and yearning.

Don’t be afraid to rewrite your list whenever you feel envy. Be sure and date your list so you can see your progress. And most of all, learn to recognize your abundance. We all have abundance in our lives, it’s learning to recognize and be thankful that we forget to do.

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